CR PS-OC Symposium

Presented by
Chicago Region Physical Sciences-Oncology Center & National Cancer Institute

VENUE Northwestern University
Norris Center, Northwestern Room
1999 Campus Dr., Evanston, IL 60208
REGISTRATION Registration is free. Please RSVP at
HOTEL Hilton Orrington (please mention PSOC Symposium)
1710 Orrington Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
(800) 445-8667
Online, use the code “PSOCS”
POSTERS Attendees are encouraged to present a poster. To apply, please send a 30-line abstract to Penelope Johnson by April 20. Once faculty review submissions, you will be notified about your submission.
Dimensions are 48″ (L) x 36″ (H).
TRAVEL SUPPORT Please contact Penelope Johnson to find out more about opportunities for partial travel support.

Join us to explore how the state and structure of nuclear chromatin and the mitochondrial reticulum are reciprocally influenced by each other.
Create interdisciplinary collaborations centered on exploring mechanistic intersections in how chromatin, mitochondrial and metal/ions are (dys)regulated in cancer.


Session 1: Metallomes in Cancer
Robert A. Gatenby, MD
Director of Moffitt Physical Sciences-Oncology Center
Chairman of Department of Radiology
Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Thomas V. O’Halloran, PhD
Director of Chicago Region Physical Sciences-Oncology Center
Director of Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Caryn Outten, PhD
Associate Professor and Guy F. Lipscomb Professor of Chemistry
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
M. Thomas Record, Jr., PhD
Steenbock Professor in Chemical Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 
Session 2: Redox Chromatin Biology
Steven Henikoff, PhD
Professor of Basic Sciences
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA
John F. Marko, PhD
Professor of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Douglas Thomas, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Session 3: Redox Physical Oncology
Vadim Backman, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Patti Keely, PhD
Professor of Translational Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI
Melissa Skala, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI
Session 4: Integrative Mito-ness in Cancer
Michael G. Espey, PhD
Program Director
Division of Cancer Biology, National Cancer Institute
David R. Gius, MD, PhD
Professor of Radiation Oncology and Pharmacology
Lurie Medical Research Center, Northwestern University
Chicago, IL
Prabhat Goswami, PhD
Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA
David Kashatus, PhD
Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Laura Lackner, PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
David Shackelford, PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

SCIENTIFIC PLANNING COMMITTEE Thomas V. O’Halloran, Northwestern University
Michael G. Espey, National Cancer Institute
John Marko, Northwestern University