Education & Outreach

PS-OC outreach and education efforts seek to inform the broader Northwestern community of the Center’s mission and scientific activities, attract trainees interested in working at the interface of the physical sciences and cancer research, and help prepare them to conduct this trans-disciplinary work.

Because the physical science and cancer biology communities frequently operate in isolation from one another, a central goal of the PS-OC’s education and outreach unit is to develop a variety of cross-disciplinary educational offerings (seminars, workshops, journal clubs, research experiences) designed to help bridge this gap. Here the unit’s efforts will focus on drawing NU students and fellows to these programs in hopes of planting seeds of interest that will influence future career decisions.

To extend the reach of our educational programs, we will record many of our public forums and make them available for downloading on this site. The education and outreach unit will also provide funding to support cross-disciplinary educational and training experiences at outside venues (workshops at other PS-OCs, AACR meetings, etc).